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Launch of new shop

At JKA Karate East Lothian, we've been keeping on with training while we self-isolate. At the same time, we're preparing for the long haul, and the joyous day we can see each other again in our two dojos in the east and west of the county. Part of this has finally been getting the time to develop our range of club merchandise, and to get it online for you all to see.

Our new online store is at the stage now where it's ready to be perused by a wider audience.

The shop can be found at Shop. At present, we're taking a measured approach and so we can't take credit cards or PayPal yet. Our favoured payment method is online bank transfer. So if you fancy a new Gi, looking for kumite mitts or a new kitbag, visit the store, please! If you spot any problems or mistakes while you're there, please let us know by email. It's not going to be perfect, so any help you can give us would be brilliant and just like in our karate training, we'll work at continually improving as we go.

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COVID 19 Precautions – all dojos closed

JKA Karate East Lothian cares about its members and their families. That's why we've taken the difficult decision to close all our dojos for an indefinite period.

In doing this, we're also following the example of the Japan Karate Association in Japan, who have also closed all dojos.

We want you to keep training, to keep practising what you've learned, and to keep motivated. We will all need the mental strength we've developed through our study of this martial art to keep focussed, keep doing the right thing, and keep ourselves and our families healthy.

Even people who have only been training for a short while have been given the tools to keep training in the smallest of spaces. Training can be undertaken from a standing position. Punching from a standing position is good training for everyone from a white belt to the most advanced in our clubs (albeit the most advanced will have a greater understanding of just how complex something which seems simple is if we are to liberate the maximum impact from our bodies.)

When you add lunges from a standing position into a stance position, be that front stance, back stance or side straddle stance, you will start to see that it is possible to train even in the smallest of spaces. Sensei Bert Stewart and Sensei Stephen Fraser are working on offering online classes to keep you motivated - rather than a broadcast on Facebook, where your technique can't be checked by an instructor, and you can nip off for a biscuit un-noticed, we are going to trial private one on one lessons through Skype in the first instance.

Look out for further information on this new service once we complete the necessary testing to ensure you get a good experience.

Before that, though, remember your training, remember your focus and cultivate the spirit of perseverance. Karate training isn't easy.

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Instructors Profile: Sensei Stephen Fraser, 2nd Dan JKA

Sensei Fraser provides instruction at both our North Berwick and Musselburgh dojos. With a preference for kumite, Sensei Fraser stresses the connection between good basic form and the basis for good, fast, accurate fighting techniques.

Sensei Fraser has trained for over three decades in shotokan karate, firstly in Aberdeen, then in Edinburgh before retraining in JKA Shotokan karate starting under Sensei Bert Stewart in Musselburgh starting in 2004, gaining shodan in 2006, and nidan in 2009. He has competed regularly at Scottish level, winning runners up medals in kata and kumite.

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JKA Musselburgh enters new chapter with relocation to Queen Margaret University gym

Our long-established dojo in Musselburgh is on the move. We're leaving Stoneyhill Community Centre to head up the hill to the Queen Margaret University campus, with the first classes due to take place at our new location in late July.

Stoneyhill has been our home in Musselburgh for 22 years, and will have seen thousands of karateka train in the first floor gym over that time. Our departure is precipitated by the centre's closure and it will be with sadness that we leave it behind, and excitement as we consider the advantages of relocating to a busy university campus close to Musselburgh railway station.

We're having a special last training session at Stoneyhill on Thursday 20 June 2019 at 7pm for karateka past and present. The session will be to mark the end of an era, and the start of another! There will be a four week period between the closure on 20 June and the opening of the new dojo at QMU on Thursday 18th July, 7pm to 8pm. During this time our dojo in North Berwick will be remaining open throughout the holidays, so people will be more than welcome at the sports centre in North Berwick if you like to keep sharp over the summer. The North Berwick nights are Monday and Wednesday at 7pm at the town's sports centre, with training led by Sensei Paola Burrows, 4th Dan JKA.

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JKA national Scottish Championships

Kumite 2016 from Stephen Fraser on Vimeo.

Event 1 Children Kata under 10 yrs beg to 4th kyu
1st Robert Wood
2nd Sristhri Panthri
3rd Charlie Dykes
3rd Jack McCormick

Event 2 Children Kata under 10yrs 3rd kyu and up
1st Jake Stewart
2nd Finlay Mitchell

Event 3 Children Kata 10-12yrs Beg to 4th kyu
1st Blair Flynn
2nd Mark Sinclair
3rd Becca Jones 3rd Raj Negi

Event 4 Children Kata 10-12yrs 3rd kyu and up
1st Dylan Buckley
2nd Kyle Bruce
3rd Euan McFadyen
3rd Lewis Simpson

Event 5 Junior Kata 13-15yrs beg to 4th kyu>
1st Alasdair Barton
2nd Siddarth Jakhmrla
3rd Daniel Pratt

Event 6 Junior Kata 13-15yrs 3rd kyu and up
1st Aria Pascual
2nd Lucy Hull
3rd Jodie Ferguson
3rd Thomas McFadyen

Event 7 Female Kata over 16yrs 3rd Kyu and above
1st Paola Burrows
2nd Susan Campbell
3rd Cameron Mackie
3rd Morag Wallace

Event 8 Mens Kata over 16yrs 3rd Kyu and above
1st James Campbell
2nd Colin Flynn
3rd Magnus Garson
3rd Marco Aboim

Event 9 Junior Team Kata
1st Dalgety Bay A
2nd Shibumi A
3rd Dalgety Bay B
3rd Dalgety Bay C

Event 10 Senior Team Kata
1st Shibumi A
2nd Alloa A

Event 11 Children Kumite under 10 yrs beg to 4th kyu
1st Charlie Dykes
2nd Matthew Wood
3rd Sristhi Panthri
3rd Arran Terrell

Event 12 Children Kumite under 10yrs 3rd kyu and up
1st Jake Stewart
2nd Finlay Mitchell

Event 13 Children Kumite 10-12yrs Beg to 4th kyu
1st Blair Flynn
2nd Ben Dykes
3rd Raj Negi
3rd Lori Beth Fullarton

Event 14 Children Kumite 10-12yrs 3rd Kyu and above
1st Kyle Bruce
2nd Dylan Buckley
3rd Adam Swift
3rd Holly Williams

Event 15 Junior boys Kumite 13-15yrs beg to 4th kyu
1st Alasdair Barton
2nd Siddarth Jakhmrla
3rd Daniel Pratt

Event 16 Junior Boys Kumite 13-15yrs 3rd kyu and above
1st Callum Flynn
2nd Simon Carmichael
3rd Angus Brown

Event 17 Junior Girls Kumite 13-15yrs all grades
1st Aria Pascual
2nd Lucy Hull
3rd Bethink Wright
3rd Iona Wright

Event 20 Cadet Kumite Male
1st Calvin Bruce
2nd Robbie Coulter

Event 22 Ladies Kumite over 16yrs 3rd kyu and above
1st Ellen Deeprose
2nd Cameron Mackie
3rd Marion Robertson

Event 24 Mens Kumite over 16yrs 3rd kyu and above
1st Colin Flynn
2nd Magnus Garson
3rd James Campbell
3rd David Grant

Event 25 Junior Team Kumite
1st Shibumi A
2nd Dalgety Bay A
3rd Dalgety Bay B

Event 26 Senior Team Kumite
1st Dalgety Bay Mix
2nd Shibumi A
3rd Armadale A

Special Awards
Best Junior – Aria Pascual
Best Senior – Colin Flynn

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Sponsored Cycle

An Assistant Instructor from the East Region, Alan Lockhart, will be doing a cycle on 23rd August from Bathgate to his dojo in Dalgety Bay to raise funds for a defibrillator for JKA Scotland.

A tragic situation struck at the heart of Alan's family in 2014 when Graham, Shauna, Tyler & Arianna were killed in a traffic accident.

To try and bring some good into what happened, Alan and his family are dedicated to raising funds for charities and non profit making organisations.

Alan has very kindly decided to put his efforts into raising money for a defibrillator which can help anyone of any age stand a much better chance of survival following a heart attack.

As Alan says, Please give your support to help save lives and remember #GSTA

Donate here.