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Basic katas now added to the Premium Supporter area

Sensei Bert Stewart has been using his lockdown time well and has made great progress in adding step by step katas to the Premium Supporter area. You can see step by step breakdowns of each featured kata which can be much easier to follow than watching video - though video is good too.

If you're a member of JKA Dalgety Bay or JKA East Lothian, please remember you've also got detailed instructions in your membership packs. You get your membership packs in January each year when you pay your annual dojo membership.

You can find the Premium Supporter area by logging in with your user name and password. You will have set these up when you purchased your Premium Supporter access. if you've forgotten your password, just use the Forgotten Password link and set up a new one. As a premium supporter, you get access to hundreds of specialist posts by JKA Karate instructors on flexibility, warm ups, weight training, basic techniques, impact training, kumite and kata AND you get invites to special Zoom classes twice a week where Sensei Stewart will take you through training for an hour in your own home. Keep training!