Katas or Forms

Katas are a sequence of choreographed moves giving you an easy way to practice basic techniques and movements.   Performed with as much grace and speed as you can muster, katas groove kicks, punches, blocks, throws and body evasions in your mental and physical muscle memory. In training, you can make them like Tai Chi, soft and flowing, or if you want a more physical workout, you can go hard and strong.  In this way, they are flexible training tools which can be adapted to the physical space available to you.  

Kata: a full training system for combat

There are three key aspects  to training in Shotokan karate. 

 These are KIHON –  the practice of basic techniques. 

KATA – prearranged sequences of techniques. 

KUMITE – combat against an opponent. 

Shotokan has 26 katas generally acknowledged as being within the system.  Of these, there are 15 core Shotokan katas. 

Kihon – a simple set of blocks and punches, is not generally counted within the 15. 

Heain Katas – Heain Shodan, Heain Nidan, Heain Sandan, Heain Yondan, Heain Godan. 

Tekki Katas – Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan. 

Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Empi (or Enpi), Jion and Hangetsu.



Advanced Kata 16 to 26

Bassai Sho

Kanku Sho 




Gojoshiho Dai

Gojoshiho Sho