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We are committed to providing the highest quality tuition in JKA Shotokan Karate in south-east Scotland. By joining our family dojos in Fife and East Lothian, you are benefitting from regular training with instructors who invest time and money in keeping standards high by regular training in Japan at the JKA hombu in Tokyo and with JKA Japan senior instructors in England, Scotland and other European countries.

You may have been referred here after clicking on a piece of content. If you don't have an Premium supporter account with us, I'm sorry but you can't access our premium instructional content. Please consider taking out a JKA Karate Premium Supporter membership.

If you are either a member of JKA Karate Dalgety Bay or JKA East Lothian, or have paid for your Premium membership subscription, please log in here.

Premium JKA Karate Supporter Membership

Premium JKA Karate Supporter Membership

For a small fee, this premium membership entitles you to access many hours of video instruction specifically shot for you by Sensei Bert Stewart and his production team.

This premium service also includes invites to as many remote lessons as you wish to attend using our professional membership of Zoom. This software allows you to attend virtual classes with Sensei Bert and his instructors with the knowledge that Sensei will be able to see you and offer some helpful feedback on improving your technique. This also means that you can't slack off - because you're on camera!

The premium membership also gets you access to recordings of Sensei Stewart’s Zoom seminars if the live classes don’t fit your schedule.

The premium membership for access to protected content costs £20 a month and has been set at this level to reflect the increased costs in providing you with this option to keep training during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Premium JKA Karate Supporter - for two members of the same family

Premium JKA Karate Supporter - for two members in the same family

Premium JKA Karate Supporter - three or more people in the same family

Premium JKA Karate Supporter - three or more people in the same family

Standard Annual Dojo Membership

Standard - by paying for your annual dojo membership, you get access to a protected area featuring karate information just for you. This will include details of your kata, grading information and details on basic training. This area is replacing the paper folder previously used for dojo membership which current members will remember.


If you have already paid for your 2020 membership, please do not use this button. In 2021, we are going completely online but you will be contacted in January 2021 and told how to take out your 2021 membership.