Post-lockdown training

JKA Karate is about self-discipline, working hard, and being as strong as you can be. We’ve been topping up on Zoom, keeping up our personal training and finally, we’re now able to get back to face  to face training.  Join us!

Japan Karate Association, East Lothian is a well-established family karate group with dojos in both west and east of the county.



If you are interested in training in a safe friendly atmosphere you are welcome to come along to one of our classes, you can join in or watch on the first evening. All you need is your bare feet, loose clothing and enthusiasm!

We have two dojos in East Lothian, one in the west of the county in Musselburgh and one in the east of the county, in North Berwick.  

As part of the Japan Karate Association,  we practice a refined form of Shotokan, the traditional karate style perfected by Master Funakoshi.  Our karate is not a game of points, weight classes or sport / demonstrations. It is a traditional martial art and way of life that trains our students to be peaceful, but if conflict is unavoidable, our students are trained to take down an opponent with a single blow.  

This requires strength, speed, focus and control, but these physical aspects are only part of the practice; they are just the vehicle, not the journey itself.  Through kihon (basic techniques), kumite (fighting skills) and kata (pre-set sequences of techniques) we learn to control our movements such that we can perform the techniques without conscious thought. 

In essence, the body remembers how to move and the mind remembers how to be still.

Some of the additional benefits of training in karate for people of all ages include:

  • Healthy weight loss.
  • Increased strength and flexibility.
  • Increased self esteem and confidence.
  • Constant learning and personal development.
  • Being able to set and achieve goals.