Kumite combo deal


Special kumite combo kit – save £2.50 if you’re buying all three items together:

  • Hand mitts – white cotton elasticated fist mitts to provide the minimum of padding for your knuckles.
  • Gumshield
  • Special JKA carrying bag


This special combo deal gives you everything you need for kumite.

This kit includes: hand mitts, gumshield and special JKA bag.

Hand mitts are mandatory protective equipment for anyone wanting to take part in semi free or freestyle kumite.  JKA-style mitts are simple cotton gloves, the mitt is about 1cm thick over the knuckles and back of the hand. These type of mitts are used in JKA karate rather than the large gloves you might associate with boxing. Karate-ka taking part in daily dojo training and those wishing to take part in JKA style competitions, need to hone the skill of control and accurate targeting.

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